Accounting & Bookkeeping
  • We can provide all the necessary accounting and bookkeeping support that your business needs. When it comes to complex issues, you can rely on our expertise.We provide years of experience in accounting and bookkeeping solutions for SMEs in different industries.
  • Our staff accountants are experienced in preparing financial statements, management reports, budgets, budget variance reports, financial projections, inventory reports, we keep proper records and reconcile your day to day business revenue and expenditure and whatever other functions you are in need of, and we tailor our services to be the best fit for you and your business.
  • In the event of an audit, we represent you and provide all schedules, correspondents and documents your auditors might need.
  • The accounting function is important in many ways, from helping you to manage your day to day business, to accurately preparing for the tax returns monthly and at year-end. Your business needs may range from large to small, so please feel free to give us a call or book an appointment to discuss how we can best help you!
  • We help you deal with your business problems by providing tailored solutions and guiding you to making right decisions for the future of your business and better business performance.We want your business to perform better!
  • The solutions we provide for your business is channeled primarily to reduce operating costs and risks, ensuring compliance with regulatory bodies while improving business efficiency and productivity.
  • We will review your business processes quarterly and make practical recommendations where necessary to ensure optimum business performance.
  • When you need access to funding for your business operations we suggest funding options that best suit your business and create processes for proper cash flow management.
  • We know you are busy with core operations so we follow up and monitor you and your business to ensure financial actions advised are put into action.
  • Our experience has given us a sound skills base to offer innovation and creativity in devising unique businesses in various industries.
Tax Management
Whether you are an individual or a business we help you manage your tax obligations so you can focus on your core activities by

  • Helping you register with relevant tax agencies
  • Calculating and filing your taxes on your behalf
  • Providing tax advisory and protection services
  • Representing you on all tax related activities
  • And responding to tax audits and investigations

Our all-inclusive tax services ensure you are compliant with Nigeria’s tax regulations and prevent the tax agents from disrupting your operations.